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Final Fintasy VII: Ocean Chronicles

A 2D turn-based combat game for the Midsummer  Jam 2019.  Battle across 4 levels and spread your message by recruiting your enemies!

The fish people have long suffered by the hand of evil oil companies for decades. It is now our time to take up arms and reclaim the ocean from their oily corruption! We must spread our message to all our kin, the ones taken in by the temptation of these bipedal menaces! To arms, fish-people!

How to Play: Windows OS

  1.   Arrow keys to move through options
  2.   Enter to select
  3.  'Esc' Key to Cancel

Gameplay Video

Allies of the Fish-Folk

Code  & Design: Luke Powell

Audio: Finlay Macpherson

Art: Gaia Labanca

Art, Animations & Design: Surya Rai


Final Fintasy VII: Ocean Chronicles 58 MB

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